ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 2    Issue : 9    Date : November 2007

JETCAT – Japanese-English Translation Using Corpus-Based Acquisition of Transfer Rules
Werner Winiwarter
Page(s): 27-36
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In this paper we present a rule-based formalism for the acquisition, representation, and application
of the transfer knowledge used in a Japanese-English machine translation system. The transfer
knowledge is learnt automatically from a parallel corpus by using structural matching between the
parse trees of translation pairs. The user can customize the rule base by simply correcting
translation results. We have extended the machine translation system with two user-friendly front
ends: an MSWord interface and a Web interface. Since our system is mainly intended as a tool for
language students to convey a better understanding of Japanese, we also offer the display of
detailed information about lexical, syntactic, and transfer knowledge. The system has been
implemented in Amzi! Prolog, using the Amzi! Logic Server Visual Basic Module and the Amzi! Logic
Server CGI Interface to develop the front ends.

Index Terms
natural language processing, machine translation, linguistic knowledge acquisition, parallel
corpora, logic programming