ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 2    Issue : 9    Date : November 2007

ADE: Utility Driven Self-management in a Networked Environment
Debzani Deb, M. Muztaba Fuad, and Michael J. Oudshoorn
Page(s): 7-15
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ADE, autonomic distributed environment, is a system which engages autonomic elements to
automatically take an existing centralized application and distribute it across available resources.
The autonomic elements provide self-management to handle the complexities associated with
distribution, configuration, coordination and efficient execution of program components. The
proposed approach models a centralized application in terms of an application graph consisting
application components and then deploys the application components across the underlying utility -
aware hierarchically organized distributed resources so that all constraints and requirements are
satisfied and the system’s overall utility is maximized. Then, based on the observations obtained by
the monitoring of the system resources, ADE redeploys the application graph to maintain
maximized system utilization in spite of the dynamism and uncertainty involved in the system. One
important aspect of ADE is that, the deployment decisions can be made based solely on locally
available information and without costly global communication or synchronization. The proposed
model is therefore decentralized and adaptive.

Index Terms
Automatic partitioning, autonomic computing, self-management, self-optimization, utility function.