ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 2    Issue : 7    Date : September 2007

Internet Research Support System: An Application for Immediate Feedback in Authentic Internet
Nasiroh Omar, Colin Higgins, Colin Harrison, and Diego Campo Millan
Page(s): 68-74
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A prototype Internet Research Support System is presented based on earlier work on the modeling
of online reading behavior and evaluating the reading process and its outcomes. Users complete a
reading task by browsing the Web and writing a short essay. The online browsing data is captured
in real-time, which, along with the essay, reflects the participants’ online reading process. Verbatim
Quotient Detection is possible which monitors the proportion of material copied from the Internet. A
Latent Semantic Analysis component to evaluate sentence-to-sentence cohesion in the final essay
is also described, and is in the process of being integrated with the main system. The system
evaluation capabilities provide the participants with immediate feedback that is specific to their final
essay in order to help them increase their online reading comprehension. It also archives data for
research and evaluation purposes. One hundred and seventeen undergraduate students and one
faculty member participated in two experiments to test the system where the outcomes were
marked by the system and human markers. Analysis of the online reading activity demonstrated a
negative correlation between the human marker’s score and the number of verbatim words in the
final essay. Furthermore, the analysis showed that when the whole Internet was available, even with
limited time and a common task, there was significant variation in participants’ search strategies,
search terms and research processes.

Index Terms
Internet research, online reading comprehension, verbatim copied, Latent Semantic Analysis.