ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 2    Issue : 7    Date : September 2007

Allocation of Component Types to Machines in the Automated Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards
Mehmet Bayram Yildirim, Ekrem Duman, Dilek Duman, and Coskun Cetinkaya
Page(s): 11-19
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Although the use of electronic component placement machines has brought reliability and speed to
the printed circuit board (PCB) assembly process, to get higher utilization, one needs to solve the
resulting complex operations research problems efficiently. In this study, the problem of distributing
the assembly workload to two machines deployed on an assembly line with two identical
component placement machines to minimize the line idle time is considered. This problem is
NP-Complete even in its simplest form. A mathematical model and several heuristics have been
proposed to solve this problem efficiently.

Index Terms
Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Load Balancing, Heuristics