ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 2    Issue : 6    Date : August 2007

A Simple Algorithm for Defect Detection From a Few Radiographies
Lionel Fillatre, Igor Nikiforov, and Florent Retraint
Page(s): 26-34
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The paper concerns the radiographic nondestructive testing of well-manufactured objects. The
detection of anomalies is addressed from the statistical point of view as a binary hypothesis testing
problem with nonlinear nuisance parameters. A new simple and numerically stable detection
scheme is proposed as an alternative to the conventional generalized likelihood ratio test which
becomes untractable in the non-linear case. This original decision rule detects the anomalies with
a loss of a negligible part of optimality with respect to an optimal test designed for the “closest”
hypothesis testing problem with linear nuisance parameters. The inspection of nuclear fuel rods is
discussed to illustrate the relevance of the proposed theoretical solution.

Index Terms
Anomaly detection, Parametric tomography, Statistical hypotheses testing, Nuisance parameter,
Nondestructive testing.