ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 2    Issue : 5    Date : July 2007

COFALE: An Authoring System for Creating Web-based Adaptive Learning Environments
Supporting Cognitive Flexibility
Vu Minh Chieu
Page(s): 27-37
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Constructivism is a learning theory that states that people learn by actively constructing their own
knowledge, based on prior knowledge. A significant number of ICT-based constructivist learning
systems have been proposed in recent years. A critical problem related to the design and use of
this kind of systems has been the lack of a practical means to facilitate the instructional design
process. Our research aims to help designing truly constructivist and adaptive learning
environments. Our approach is based on a set of operational criteria for certain aspects of
constructivism: We use these criteria as a useful pedagogical framework to provide tools and
guidelines facilitating the instructional design process. One facet often mentioned as being strongly
relevant to constructivism is cognitive flexibility. This paper presents COFALE—a new, domain-
independent, and open-source elearning platform that could be used to build adaptive learning
environments supporting cognitive flexibility—and an example of its use: the design of a course on

Index Terms
E-learning, constructivism, adaptability, open-source platforms, operational criteria, operational