ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 2    Issue : 5    Date : July 2007

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Towards a Web Platform for Collaborative Learning Practice, Evaluation and Dissemination
Jacques Lonchamp
Page(s): 1-8
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AnnAnn and AnnAnn.Net: Tools for Teaching Programming
Clare J Hooper, Leslie A Carr, Hugh C Davis, David E Millard, Su A White, and Gary B Wills
Page(s): 9-16
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A Study on the Possibility of Automatically Estimating the Confidence Value of Students’
Knowledge in Generated Conceptual Models
Diana Pérez-Marín, Enrique Alfonseca, Pilar Rodríguez, and Ismael Pascual-Nieto
Page(s): 17-26
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COFALE: An Authoring System for Creating Web-based Adaptive Learning Environments
Supporting Cognitive Flexibility
Vu Minh Chieu
Page(s): 27-37
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The Effects of a Web-based Guided Inquiry Approach on Students’ Achievement
Irfan Naufal Umar and Sajap Maswan
Page(s): 38-43
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Watermarks and Text Transformations in Visual Document Authentication
Igor Fischer and Thorsten Herfet
Page(s): 44-53
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Aristotle’s Square Revisited to Frame Discovery Science
Mohammad Afshar, Christopher Dartnell, Dominique Luzeaux, Jean Sallantin, and Yannick
Page(s): 54-66
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Reducing Energy Consumption of Wireless Sensor Networks through Processor Optimizations
Gürhan Küçük and Can Başaran
Page(s): 67-74
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Fast Information Retrieval in a Self–Organising P2P Network
Vincenza Carchiolo, Michele Malgeri, Giuseppe Mangioni, and Vincenzo Nicosia
Page(s): 75-81
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