ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 2    Issue : 4    Date : June 2007

Secure End-to-End Transport Over SCTP
Carsten Hohendorf, Erwin P. Rathgeb, Esbold Unurkhaan, and Michael Tüxen
Page(s): 31-40
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The Stream Control Transmission Protocol is a new transport protocol initially developed to
transport signaling messages over IP networks. The new features of SCTP make it also a suitable
candidate for applications which nowadays use the standard transport protocols TCP and UDP.
Many of these applications have strict requirements with respect to end-to-end security. Providing
end-to-end security by using IPsec or the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol in combination
with SCTP is subject to functional and performance related limitations. These can be avoided by
integrating security functions directly into SCTP (S-SCTP). Although S-SCTP in principle solves all
limitations, some issues remain hindering broad deployment of this solution. Therefore, we
propose an alternative solution which preserves the advantages of S-SCTP while avoiding major
modifications to existing standards and operating systems.

Index Terms
End-to-End Security, SCTP, TLS, IPSec, DTLS.