ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 1    Issue : 8    Date : December 2006

Online Mutual Aid, “RAQ”: A Study of Anonymous and Traceable Interactions
Akiko Orita
Page(s): 55-60
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Our study proposes mutual aid platforms for the resolution of uncommon or non-conforming cases
in both administrative and commercial procedures. On reviewing inter-customer interaction, we
came to rate RAQ over FAQ. We also reviewed former works on categorizing anonymity and related
areas to support our research objectives. Conducting a study of knowledge search service, we were
able to identify the differences between anonymous and traceable interaction in three non-
conforming administrative cases. From a quantitative standpoint, we noted a tendency for
anonymous communications to involve more participants. The accuracy of answers appeared not
significantly variable, which was unexpected. From a qualitative view, more personal data were
disclosed in anonymous interaction than in traceable interaction.

Index Terms
mutual aid, anonymity, knowledge search