ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 1    Issue : 7    Date : October/November 2006

Reliable Partial Replication of Contents in Web Clusters: Getting Storage without losing Reliability
Jose Daniel Garcia, Jesus Carretero, Felix Garcia, Javier Fernandez, David E. Singh, and Alejandro Calderon
Page(s): 81-88
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Traditionally, distributed Web servers have used two strategies for allocating files on server nodes: full
replication and full distribution. While full replication provides a highly reliable solution, it limits storage
capacity to the capacity of the smallest node. On the other hand, full distribution provides higher storage
capacity at the cost of lower reliability. A hybrid solution is partial replication where every file is allocated to a
small number of nodes. The most promising architecture for a partial replication strategy is the Web cluster
architecture. However, Web clusters present a big flaw from reliability perspective as they contain a single
point of failure. To correct this flaw, in this paper we present a modified architecture: the Web cluster with
distributed Web switch. Reliability of Web clusters is evaluated for different replication strategies. System
evaluations show that our proposal leads to a highly reliable solution with high scalability.

Index Terms
Web cluster, Web content replication, reliable Web servers, Web content allocation, storage systems.