ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 1    Issue : 7    Date : October/November 2006

Testing Event-Driven Business Processes
Josef Schiefer, Gerd Saurer, and Alexander Schatten
Page(s): 69-80
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Today’s business climate requires to constantly evolve IT strategies for responding to new
opportunities or threats. While the fundamentals of IT — reliability, availability, security and
manageability — are still crucial, rapid results are mandatory for business success. These
business challenges can be solved by acting with agility – striking the proper balance between the
introduction of leading-edge technology and the pragmatic application of IT. In this paper, we
introduce a testing framework for business solutions dealing with complex and dynamic IT
environments. Our framework enables a test-driven development and adaptation of business
processes in order to implement flexible and reliable business solutions. We compare our testing
framework with model-driven development approaches and show how we applied it to an event-
driven process management platform called SARI (Sense And Respond Infrastructure).

Index Terms
Testing, Test-Driven Development, Business Process Management, Business Process
Engineering, Event Management.