ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 1    Issue : 6    Date : September 2006

On the Development of Knowledge Management Services for Collaborative Decision Making
Christina E. Evangelou, Nikos Karacapilidis and Manolis Tzagarakis
Page(s): 19-28
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Admitting that the quality of a decision depends on the quality of the knowledge used to make it, it is
argued that the enhancement of the decision making efficiency and effectiveness is strongly related
to the appropriate exploitation of all possible organizational knowledge resources. On the other
hand, software is perceived as an encapsulation of knowledge. Especially software tools offering
Knowledge Management can become substantial organizational artifacts. Developing such tools
should be in absolute compliance with the organizational practices so as to be easily integrated
with and augment every day activities. Towards this end, this paper presents a multidisciplinary
approach for developing knowledge management services for the capturing the organizational
knowledge in order to augment teamwork in terms of knowledge elicitation, sharing and
construction, thus enhancing decision making quality. Based on a properly defined ontology model,
our approach is supported by a web-based tool that serves as a forum of reciprocal knowledge
exchange, conveyed through structured argumentative discourses, the ultimate aim being to support
the related decision making process.

Index Terms
Knowledge Management, Decision Making, Software Development