ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 1    Issue : 5    Date : August 2006

How To Generate Distributed Software Components From Centralized Ones?
Abdelhak Seriai, Gautier Bastide and Mourad Oussalah
Page(s): 40-52
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Adapting software components to be used in a particular application is a crucial issue in software
component based technology. In fact, software components can be used in contexts with
characteristics different from those envisaged when designing the component. Centralized or
distributed deployment infrastructure can be one of these assumptions. Thus, a component can be
designed as a monolithic unit to be deployed on a centralized infrastructure, nevertheless the used
infrastructure needs the component to be distributed. In this paper, we propose an approach
allowing us to transform a centralized software component into a distributed one. Our technique is
based on refactoring and fragmentation of component source-code.

Index Terms
Software component, adaptation, restructuration, distribution, refactoring.