ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 1    Issue : 3    Date : June 2006

Indexing of Motion Capture Data for Efficient and Fast Similarity Search
Chuanjun Li and B. Prabhakaran
Page(s): 35-42
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As motion capture systems are increasingly used for motion tracking and capture, and more and
more surveillance cameras are installed for security protection, more and more motion data,
including 3D motion data becomes available, making it important to index motion data for quick
retrieval of similar motions. This paper proposes a simple and efficient tree structure for indexing
motion data with dozens of attributes. Feature vectors are extracted for indexing by using singular
value decomposition (SVD) properties of motion data matrices. By having similar motions with large
variations indexed together, searching for similar motions of a query needs only one node traversal
at each tree level, and only one feature needs to be considered at one tree level. Experiments with
real hand gestures, arm motions and full body motions show that the majority of irrelevant motions
can be pruned while retrieving all similar motions, and the traversal of an indexing tree for a query
takes only a few microseconds.

Index Terms
Motion capture, singular value decomposition, indexing