ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 1    Issue : 2    Date : May 2006

Gateway Selection Review in Ad hoc Networks
Tarek R Sheltami
Page(s): 8-14
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The nature of wireless mobile ad hoc networks depend on batteries or other fatiguing means for
their energy. A limited energy capacity may be the most significant performance constraint.
Therefore, radio resource and power management is an important issue of any wireless network.
There is a need to reduce interference by controlling transmit power of the Mobile Terminals (MTs).
Power aware design and estimation of transmit power requires familiarity with the energy
consumption behavior, path loss, and interference of wireless systems. Moreover, selection of
gateways, in case of availability of more than one gateway, has not been introduced thoroughly.
Gateways maintain connectivity of the network and integrate two types of networks with each other.
This paper introduces a mathematical analysis of power adjustment to control the transmit power
using maximum transmission range and intermediate node methods for sending packets. We use
these equations in selecting gateways in the simulation experiments according to two different
criteria: the gateway with the highest energy level and the gateway with the least number of

Index Terms
Clusterhead, gateways, ad hoc network, energy efficient