ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 4    Issue : 5    Date : June 2009

Emergency Video Multi-Path Transfer over Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Nadia Qadri, Martin Fleury, Muhammad Altaf, and Mohammed Ghanbari
Page(s): 329-338
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Ad Hoc networks utilize multi-hop radio relay without the need for a base station, supporting mobility
and allowing them to be quickly deployed in an emergency. Real-time video communication across
an ad hoc network allows helpers to better understand the nature of the problem within a disaster
area but the lack of centralized routing and network resource management is challenging,
particularly if the wireless nodes have limited processing power. Multi-path solutions have been
proposed for video transfer. This paper investigates two practical schemes, Video Redundancy
Coding and a proposal of the paper, H.264 codec redundant frames. The paper reports that
redundant frames when used in combination with multipath do result in as much as 10 dB
improvement in delivered video quality, making the difference between acceptable and
unacceptable visual communication in a disaster scenario.

Index Terms
ad hoc wireless, multi-path, video streaming, Video Redundancy Coding, redundant frames