ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 4    Issue : 4    Date : May 2009

Special Issue: Wireless Communications in Underground and Confined Areas
Guest Editors: Hasnaâ Aniss, Nadir Hakem, Charles Despi, and Larbi Talbi

Article Information

Hasnaâ Aniss, Nadir Hakem, Charles Despi, and Larbi Talbi
Page(s): 211-213
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Modified 2D Finite-Difference Time-Domain Based Tunnel Path Loss Prediction for Wireless
Sensor Network Applications
Yan Wu, Min Lin, and Ian J. Wassell
Page(s): 214-223
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On the Importance of the MIMO Channel Correlation in Underground Railway Tunnels
Yann Cocheril, Marion Berbineau, Piere Combeau, and Yannis Pousset
Page(s): 224-231
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (579 KB)

Radio Proximity Detection in a WSN to Localize Mobile Entities within a Confined Area
Chakib Baouche, Antonio Freitas, and Michel Misson
Page(s): 232-240
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Modeling and Understanding MIMO Propagation in Tunnels
Jose-Maria Molina-Garcia-Pardo, Martine Lienard, Paul Stefanut, and Pierre Degauque
Page(s): 241-247
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (462 KB)

Time-Reversal UWB Wireless Communication-Based Train Control in Tunnel
Hassane Saghir, Marc Heddebaut, Fouzia Elbahhar, Atika Rivenq, and Jean Michel Rouvaen
Page(s): 248-256
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (1,193 KB)

A Novel Interference Safety Margin for Cognitive Radio MANET using Smart Antennas
Mathieu Boutin, Charles Despins, Tayeb Denidni, and Sofiène Affes
Page(s): 257-266
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Neural Networks for Fingerprinting-Based Indoor Localization Using Ultra-Wideband
Anthony Taok, Nahi Kandil, and Sofiene Affes
Page(s): 267-275
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Radio Wave Propagation in Arched Cross Section Tunnels – Simulations and Measurements
Emilie Masson, Pierre Combeau, Marion Berbineau, Rodolphe Vauzelle, and Yannis Pousset
Page(s): 276-283
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (605 KB)

Improving Medium Access in Through-The-Earth VLF-LF Communications
Vanessa Bataller, Antonio Muñoz, Pilar Molina Gaudó, Arturo Mediano, José Antonio Cuchí, and
José Luis Villarroel
Page(s): 284-294
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