ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 4    Issue : 3    Date : April 2009

An Adaptive Cooperative Relay Selection Algorithm for Fixed Relay Based Cellular Networks
Fan Jiang, Hui Tian, Haibo Xu, Ping Zhang, and Jietao Zhang
Page(s): 186-192
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Cooperative relaying is accepted as a promising solution to achieve high data rates over large
areas in the future 4G wireless system. In this paper, an adaptive cooperative relay selection
algorithm (ACRSA) is presented for fixed relay based cellular networks. According to current user
density in a certain cell, when two-hop transmission is adopted, ACRSA adapts selectively between
two different cooperation schemes. These are realized either between the parallel transmission
between the base station and a relay node, or by adopting parallel transmission between another
mobile terminal and a relay node. Simulation results demonstrate that compared with fixed relay
selection schemes, ACRSA can dynamically choose different cooperative strategies with respect to
current user conditions in the cell. By fully utilizing cooperative communication, this effectively
increases user capacity as well as improving system performance.

Index Terms
Relay selection; cellular network; cooperative relay; cooperative diversity