ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 4    Issue : 3    Date : April 2009

Distributed Scheduling Algorithm for Multiuser MIMO Downlink with Adaptive Feedback
Zhao Li, Jiawei Yang, and Junliang Yao
Page(s): 164-169
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We propose a distributed scheduling algorithm for multiuser MIMO downlink with adaptive feedback.
In this algorithm each mobile station (MS) selects transmission scheme, including beamforming
(BF) and spatial multiplexing (SM) according to its channel state and then feeds back channel state
information (CSI) adaptively. The base station (BS) receives CSI from each MS and selects user
subset based on minimum spatial correlation criteria or system capacity maximization. The
proposed user scheduling algorithm is carried out by MSs and BS corporately. The system
feedback load depends on each MS’s channel state. Compared with existing schemes the
proposed algorithm can achieve high system capacity as well as good BER performance.

Index Terms
Multiuser, MIMO, Downlink, Substream, Adaptive feedback, Precoding, Scheduling, Beamforming,
Spatial Multiplexing