ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 4    Issue : 2    Date : March 2009

MMFSK-EOD System Using Binary Hopping Pattern in FH/SS Communications
Suguru Hasegawa, Shin’ichi Tachikawa, and Gen Marubayashi
Page(s): 119-125
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In this paper a detailed explanation of our newly proposed frequency hopped spread spectrum
system named “MMFSK-EOD System Using Binary Hopping Pattern” is presented. First, to make
clear the concept of FH/M-ary Multilevel FSK modulation (abb. FH/ MMFSK or MMFSK), the waveform
and the spectrum differences between MFSK and FH/MFSK or FH/MMFSK are reviewed. Next, to
understand the error propagation phenomena from the first demodulation stage to the second
demodulation stage, system principle of FH/MMFSK using EOD is explained of some length. In an
EOD system, a hopping pattern is synthesized from a group A hopping pattern and a group B
hopping pattern, which are different properties on even and odd levels. Finally, to prevent the error
propagation novel binary hopping pattern method is proposed, and its effectiveness on improving
error performance is shown by illustrative computer simulations. Some additional improving
method in the design of group A hopping pattern are also shown.

Index Terms
MMFSK, hopping pattern, Even-Odd discrimination method (EOD), error performance