ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 4    Issue : 1    Date : February 2009

A Message from the Incoming Editor-in-Chief
Kia Makki
Page(s): 1-2
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As the NEW Editor-in-Chief, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you, the readers of the
Journal of Communications (JCM) a very happy and productive new year! Dr. Haohong Wang
(Marvell Semiconductors) and Dr. Niki Pissinou (Florida International University), the Associate
Editor-in-Chiefs, and I have decided to write this editorial to keep the readers of the JCM informed of
its excellent progress achieved so far. This is the first time we have written an editorial for the JCM.

Since the founding of the JCM in 2005 under the great vision and enthusiastic leadership of the
founding Editor-in-Chief, Dr. George J. Sun, we have witnessed great growth of JCM into a
competing Journal in Communications community. Dr. Sun and his Editorial team have set a high
standard for their successors to follow. I’m greatly honored to be appointed by Dr. Sun, now the
Chief Executive Editor of the Academy Publisher, as the new Editor-in-Chief to take the challenge to
lead this wonderful Journal. So far, JCM has been successfully included in most popular indexing
services except SCI and JCR. The inclusion of the JCM in the SCI and JCR shall be our next goal in
2009, as this gets JCM accepted within the list of the top journals around this community. On behalf
of the new editorial team, I would like to use this special occasion to thank Dr. George J. Sun and
his Editorial team for their hard work to maintain the quality of JCM in the past three years.

Since we took this responsibility Haohong, Niki and I have been working very hard around the clock
to reshape the JCM’s Editorial Board, revising its guidelines for selecting the Special Issues (SI)
and forming an Advisory Board Members for it. We have already set up the Advisory Board Members
consisting of the world well-known scientists. We had clear qualification criteria for selecting the
Advisory Board Members. One of the preferred criteria for selecting an Advisory Board Member was
to have an IEEE/ACM fellowship status. We hope that the new Advisory Board set up, the revised
JCM's Editorial Board and the revised guidelines for selecting the Special Issues would help JCM to
build a very solid foundation and promote the JCM image in the Communications Community.
These changes were extremely important for reshaping the journal and take the JCM to the next
level. We are very confident that the reshaped JCM would be included into the ISI databases, as we
are setting higher quality control standards, but please allow some time for this reshaping process
to take place. Using the revised guidelines for selecting the Special Issues, we are happy to report
that the process of reviewing/evaluating of the previous JCM SIs have been completed and we have
selected some of the previously submitted proposals for the Special Issues and have approved
them for the publication in the JCM in 2009 along with the few newly submitted and accepted ones.
Finally, we have chosen EasyChair as the web-based submission and review management system
for JCM, so as to automate and enhance the editorial activities.

We strongly believe that the direct communication between the editors and authors are important for
the health, quality and well being of the JCM Journal and its contents. Especially, the web-based
editorial system for the paper submission and review management process has been in place. We
hope all of you adhere to a high-quality standard for this journal in your future paper handling. We
also request that all Editors use high standards to make their decisions during the paper handling
process from the reviewers’ invitations to the final decision making. The JCM journal will continue to
publish the high-quality papers, and we will NOT compromise this mission. Let us start a campaign
of promoting the reputation and the visibility of this journal nationally and internationally with
selecting high quality papers and thus publishing high-quality issues.

A lot of work went into reshaping this Journal, forming the Advisory Board, revising the JCM's
Editorial Board and revising its guidelines for selecting the Special Issues. I would like to take this
opportunity to express my deep personal thanks to the Associate Editor-in-Chiefs, especially, Dr.
Haohong Wang who has been working very hard around clock to make this journal a success. We
would also like to thank all the JCM’s Advisory Board Members and the new Editorial Board
Members for accepting our invitations to be part of the JCM Journal. Finally, we would like to thank
the remaining Editorial Board Members, authors, readers, and reviewers for their great help and
support in making this Journal a premier Journal in Communications community. I look forward to a
bright future for the JCM.

    Kia Makki, Editor-in-Chief
    Telecommunications and Information
    Technology Institute (IT2)
    Florida International University
    Miami, FL 33174 USA