ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 3    Issue : 6    Date : November 2008

Cover-Free Family based Efficient Group Key Management Strategy in Wireless Sensor Network
Li Xu, Jianwei Chen, and Xiaoding Wang
Page(s): 51-58
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Secure group key distribution and efficient rekeying is one of the most challenging security issues in
sensor networks at present. In this paper, Latin square is firstly used to construct orthogonal arrays
in order to obtain t-packing designs quickly. Based on cover-free family properties, t-packing
designs are adopted in key predistribution phase. Then based secure key-shared method, the
pre-deployed keys are used for implementing secure channels between members for group key
distribution. The efficient updating the pre-deployed keys scheme is used to deal with the variety of
network. The new strategy improves the collusion-resilience of the networks using the cover-free
family properties, and enhances the key-sharing connectivity of nodes with which makes key
management more efficiently. This paper also presents in depth theory and data analysis of the
new strategy in term of network security and connectivity

Index Terms
Wireless Sensor Network, Cover-Free Family, Key pre-distribution, T-packing design