ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 3    Issue : 6    Date : November 2008

A Cooperative Secure Routing Protocol based on Reputation System for Ad Hoc Networks
Yihui Zhang, Li Xu, and Xiaoding Wang
Page(s): 43-50
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In wireless ad hoc networks, all its nodes behave as routers and take part in its discovery and
maintenance of routes to other nodes. Thus, the presence of selfish or malicious nodes could
greatly degrade the network performance and might even result in a total communication
breakdown. However, the majority of ad hoc networks secure routing protocols assumed that all
nodes participating in the network are cooperative to support different network functionalities and
did not provide a complete solution against these attacks. In this paper, we propose a cooperative
secure routing protocol based on reputation system (CSRAN) for wireless ad hoc networks to
defend against these attacks efficiently. It is based on ARAN secure routing protocol and detailed
analysis is given to show it proves to be more efficient and more secure than original ARAN secure
routing protocol in defending against both malicious and authenticated selfish nodes.

Index Terms
Ad hoc networks, reputation system, secure routing protocol