ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 3    Issue : 6    Date : November 2008

A Hexagon-based Key Pre-distribution Scheme for Large Scale Static Wireless Sensor Networks
Xuanxia Yao, Xuefeng Zheng, and Tao Wu
Page(s): 19-26
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In order to improve the secure connectivity & expansibility of static wireless sensor networks,
decrease the memory costs of sensor nodes, an efficient hexagon-based key pre-distribution
scheme is put forward by employing the ideas of the grouping key management and secret binding.
In this scheme, the process of establishing pair-wise keys for neighboring nodes in the network is
limited in the beginning of the network deployment, and when adding new sensor nodes into the
network, the process of establishing pair-wise keys for the new nodes and their neighbors needs to
be verified by the base-station. For the neighboring nodes in the same group, the polynomial-based
key predistribution scheme is used to generate pair-wise keys for them. And for the neighboring
nodes in different groups, the binding secrets generated by a HMAC are used to establish the pair-
wise key. In addition, by analyzing the relations among the radius of the cell, the probability of the
secure connection, memory costs and other parameters, the most appropriate value of the cell’s
radius is found, which can optimize the hexagon-based key pre-distribution schemes in the aspects
of secure connectivity and memory costs.

Index Terms
wireless sensor networks, key predistribution, hexagon-based model, secret binding, HMAC