ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 3    Issue : 4    Date : September 2008

PHY- and MAC-aware Resource Allocation and Packet Scheduling for Single-Cell OFDMA Packet
Antonis G. Gotsis, Nektarios Th. Koutsokeras, and Philip Constantinou
Page(s): 59-70
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Radio resource management mechanisms such as PHY-centric Radio Resource Allocation and
MAC-centric Packet Scheduling are expected to play a substantial role in the performance of future
OFDMA-based wireless networks. Inevitably, efficient resource allocation strategies have to exploit
information laying in different OSI layers, allowing for a cross-layer design. In the literature adaptive
allocation schemes have been proposed for optimum or suboptimum resource distribution in the
frequency domain under static individual user rate constraints. The contribution of this work is
twofold: First, we evaluate current allocation schemes under realistic traffic and channel conditions,
in order to acquire the upper performance bounds on a real time evolving network. Then we extend
them to incorporate MAC-layer information, as well as opportunistic packet scheduling in the
time-domain. The key factors that affect the overall system performance in terms of system average
throughput and delay are identified, evaluated and discussed. The presented ideas are
accompanied with extensive system level Monte-Carlo simulations.

Index Terms
OFDMA, Resource Allocation, Packet scheduling, multiuser OFDM, cross-layer