ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 3    Issue : 4    Date : September 2008

Cooperative Cross-Layer Design for Wireless Networks
Creighton Hager, D. J. Shyy, and Jamie Ma
Page(s): 49-58
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Cross-layer optimization is an effective mechanism to improve wireless network performance and
efficiency. Although cross-layer optimization is not a new technique, it can be applied effectively to
different wireless technologies to handle different problems while still conforming to the wireless
standards. Utility functions are constructed from measurements of the different OSI layers to provide
input into our Cross-Layer Optimization Engine (CLOE). ZigBee technology was chosen as the test
platform to demonstrate our proposed mechanism. Experiments were performed in simulated and
live environments. Various mobility scenarios allowed observation of ZigBee devices with default
operations and with CLOE. Our results show that CLOE can provide ZigBee with significant energy

Index Terms
Cross-Layer Optimization, Energy Saving, Resource Allocation, ZigBee