ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 3    Issue : 3    Date : July 2008

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IPv6 over IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) Networks: Facts and Challenges
Adlen Ksentini
Page(s): 1-9
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Effects of Channel Estimation Error in the Presence of CFO on OFDM BER in
Frequency-Selective Rayleigh Fading Channels
Chi-Hsiao Yih
Page(s): 10-18
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Channel Correlation Properties in OFDM by using Time-Varying Cyclic Delay Diversity
Simon Plass, Armin Dammann, Gerd Richter, and Martin Bossert
Page(s): 19-26
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An Elitist Selection Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Resource Allocation in Multiuser
Packet-based OFDM Systems
Zhihua Tang, Youtuan Zhu, Guo Wei, and Jinkang Zhu
Page(s): 27-32
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Power Allocation for Amplify-and-Forward Cooperative Transmission Over Rayleigh-Fading
Lian Zhao and Zaiyi Liao
Page(s): 33-42
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EXIT Chart Analysis of Iterative Demodulation and Decoding of MPSK Constellations with Signal
Space Diversity
Nauman F. Kiyani and Jos H. Weber
Page(s): 43-50
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