ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 2    Issue : 7    Date : December 2007

MIMO Link Layer Transmission Techniques Based on Cross Layer Design
Wessam Ajib, David Haccoun, and Jean François Frigon
Page(s): 28-35
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In this paper, we propose and evaluate the performance of new link layer frame transmission
techniques for MIMO (multiple input multiple output) wireless systems from a link layer perspective
using frame error rate (FER), frame loss rate (FLR) and link layer throughput metrics. We first
introduce a novel link layer transmission scheme for wireless networks when channel state
information (CSI) is available at the transmitter (CSIT). This new scheme is based on an adaptive
algorithm diagonal precoder which selects the proper orthogonal sub-channels of the MIMO link to
use in order to increase the link layer throughput while maintaining an acceptable frame loss rate.
Computer simulations show that the proposed MIMO-aware link layer algorithm provides a
significant performance improvement. Second, we propose and evaluate the performance of
different ARQ (automatic repeat request) retransmission strategies. Our performance evaluation
shows that by decreasing the multiplexing gain and therefore increasing the diversity gain for
retransmitted frames, the frame loss rate decreases dramatically while the link layer throughput is
only marginally affected.

Index Terms
MIMO channels, cross layer design, link layer, hybrid ARQ, frame loss rate.