ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 2    Issue : 6    Date : November 2007

Seamless Handover For Unidirectional Broadcast Access Networks In Mobile IPv6
Ilka Miloucheva, Jens Mödeker, Karl Jonas, and Dirk Hetzer
Page(s): 46-55
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Mechanisms and protocol interactions for seamless handover of mobile multicast/broadcast
services using unidirectional access networks in heterogeneous Mobile IP infrastructures are
discussed and proposed. QoS based applications, such as content delivery, mobile TV, carousel
and reliable downloads, requiring interaction channel, are considered, as well as recent
standardization efforts for converged broadcast and mobile IP infrastructures. The proposed
mechanisms are aimed to support handover of interactive mobile services using unidirectional
broadcast media (DVB-H) combined with bidirectional mobile access technologies (UMTS, WLAN,
WIMAX) in heterogeneous Mobile IPv6 environments. In particular, the focus is:
- Enhancement and interactions of link layer tunnelling mechanisms (IETF RFC 3077) for
provisioning of bidirectional connectivity in heterogeneous Mobile IP environment;
- Access network selection and intelligent handover mechanisms based on IEEE 802.21 for
services using unidirectional networks;
- Proactive resource management for interactive services using unidirectional access networks.

Index Terms
IEEE 802.21, LLTM, unidirectional network, DVB-H, QoS, mobile multicast, Mobile IPv6, policy