ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 2    Issue : 6    Date : November 2007

Analysis of Bluetooth Protocol in Presence of Bursty Traffic
Pero Latkoski and Liljana Gavrilovska
Page(s): 38-45
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Bluetooth (BT) technology through its considerable functionality and flexibility is incorporated in
many modern personal electronic devices, offering reliable and sufficient wireless connectivity. On
the other hand, the new generation of cellular communication systems while providing wide
coverage and mobility are unable to offer a cost effective interconnection of so many personal
devices. Web browsing, e-mail, chat, gaming, voice and video are just a part of the services inquired
from the modern communication systems. Here web-browsing performance of BT enabled devices
is treated through analytical, numerical and simulation analysis. The foreseen scenarios assume
that a personal device (PDA, Laptop) is connected to Internet through phone or WLAN, using BT as
a connecting technology.
For the purpose of the examination, a new generic simulation-based analysis and precise
performance evaluation method is introduced. The method uses the formal language
representation of the analyzed protocol specification, hereafter called behavior model. The behavior
model code obtained from the IEEE 802.15 standardization committee has been assimilated and
upgraded into a novel, comprehensive and standalone Specification and Description Language
(SDL) - based simulator. A WWW traffic generator was created in accordance with the 3GPP
specifications. The Bluetooth protocol performance was assessed in network scenarios with
different traffic amounts and characteristics. This new concept is flexible and  versatile, and can be
easily performed for any other kind of traffic, or any other communication standard. The analysis
show that the simulation-based results match with the analytical and numerical calculated values,

Index Terms
IEEE 802.15, performance-estimation model, Specification and Description Language, WWW traffic.