ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 2    Issue : 5    Date : August 2007

Reliable D-Cinema Multicasting over Heterogeneous Networks
Paolo Micanti, Giuseppe Baruffa, and Fabrizio Frescura
Page(s): 25-34
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This paper presents a packetization strategy for the reliable electronic distribution of Digital Cinema
(DCinema, DC) content. In this paper, new experimental results and design improvements are
introduced, with respect to those presented in [1]. A reliable multicast protocol was used to send
high definition DC video contents to multiple receivers, allowing them to correctly acquire the entire
stream. NORM (NACK Oriented Reliable Multicast) was chosen as multicast protocol, because of
the guarantees offered on the reliable transmission of data. The target result is to send reliably DC
contents, by exploiting a number of multicast-enabled heterogeneous networks, such as fiber,
satellite, WiMAX, etc. The results show that a reasonable transfer speed may be achieved even in
presence of low transmission bandwidth and moderate packet loss rate.

Index Terms
Digital Cinema, WiMAX, wireless networks, multicast, JPEG 2000