ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 2    Issue : 2    Date : March 2007

Cost-effective Product Traceability System Based on Widely Distributed Databases
Shirou Wakayama, Yusuke Doi, Satoshi Ozaki, and Atsushi Inoue
Page(s): 45-52
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A cost-effective and easy way of introducing a product traceability system is to start from a small
system and gradually extend it to a large-scale system. Traceability systems used in previous field
tests are unsuitable for largescale deployment because they use a single, centralized database.
This paper describes an extendable traceability system proposed by Toshiba that employs
distributed databases. Our proposed system called LoTR consists of two components, a
DHT-based ID-DB resolution mechanism and TraceBack method. The ID-DB resolution
mechanism is used to acquire a DB location from an ID. We apply the DHT to accomplish required
scalability. We have developed a DHTDNS mounter to achieve seamless access to DHT-based
IDDB resolution from ordinary DNS resolvers. In addition, the TraceBack method creates links to
bind distributed databases. We have evaluated the operation of the system with a real field trial. As
the next step, we shall analyze its qualitative behavior through large-scale experiments.

Index Terms
RFID, Product Traceability, DHT, DNS, Distributed DBs