ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 2    Issue : 2    Date : March 2007

Tunable Pulse Amplitude and Position Modulation Technique for Reliable Optical Wireless
Communication Channels
Yu Zeng, Roger J. Green, Shaobo Sun, and Mark.S.Leeson
Page(s): 22-28
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Modulation techniques have attracted increasing attention in optical wireless communications.
Basic schemes such as on off keying (OOK), pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) and pulse position
modulation (PPM) have been validated as suitable for the optical wireless channel. This paper
starts from the analysis of these three modulation schemes in terms of their power and bandwidth
requirements. As a result, a new tunable hybrid modulation technique is proposed. The proposed
modulation scheme takes the real time channel conditions into account, which is different from
other schemes. By employing amplitude and position modulation selectively, a guaranteed system
performance can be secured, without compromising power and bandwidth efficiency. This is also a
new approach to realize reliable optical wireless links.

Index Terms
tunable modulation technique, papm, optical wireless, reliable communication channels