ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 2    Issue : 2    Date : March 2007

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HealthGear: Automatic Sleep Apnea Detection and Monitoring with a Mobile Phone
Nuria Oliver and Fernando Flores-Mangas
Page(s): 1-9
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Heart Failure Monitoring System Based on Wearable and Information Technologies
Elena Villalba, M.T. Arredondo, M. Ottaviano, D. Salvi, E. Hoyo-Barbolla, and S. Guillen
Page(s): 10-21
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (935 KB)

Tunable Pulse Amplitude and Position Modulation Technique for Reliable Optical Wireless
Communication Channels
Yu Zeng, Roger J. Green, Shaobo Sun, and Mark.S.Leeson
Page(s): 22-28
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Petri Net Based Controller Concept For Cognitive Radios in Wireless Access Networks
Alexander Viessmann, Admir Burnic, Christoph Spiegel, Guido H. Bruck, and Peter Jung
Page(s): 29-38
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Design of Optical Access Systems using Computer Modeling
André Richter, Hadrien Louchet, Igor Koltchanov, and James D. Farina
Page(s): 39-44
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Cost-effective Product Traceability System Based on Widely Distributed Databases
Shirou Wakayama, Yusuke Doi, Satoshi Ozaki, and Atsushi Inoue
Page(s): 45-52
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Scheduling Small Packets in IPSec Multi-accelerator Based Systems
Antonio Vincenzo Taddeo, Alberto Ferrante, and Vincenzo Piuri
Page(s): 53-60
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Supporting Mobility Events within a Hierarchical Mobile IP-over-MPLS Network
Vasos Vassiliou and Andreas Pitsillides
Page(s): 61-70
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Opportunistic Spectrum Access in Fading Channels Through Collaborative Sensing
Amir Ghasemi and Elvino S. Sousa
Page(s): 71-82
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