ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 2    Issue : 1    Date : January 2007

Experience-Based Admission Control in the Presence of Traffic Changes
Jens Milbrandt, Michael Menth, and Jan Junker
Page(s): 10-21
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This article investigates the transient behavior of experience-based admission control (EBAC) in
case of traffic changes. EBAC is a robust and resource-efficient admission control (AC) mechanism
used for reservation overbooking of link capacities in packet-based networks. Recent analyses gave
a proof of concept for EBAC and showed its efficiency and robustness through steady state
simulation on a single link carrying traffic with constant properties. The contribution of this paper is
an examination of the memory from which EBAC gains its experience and which strongly influences
the behavior of EBAC in stationary and nonstationary state. For the latter, we investigate the transient
behavior of the EBAC mechanism through simulation of strong traffic changes which are
characterized by either a sudden decrease or increase of the traffic intensity. Our results show that
the transient behavior of EBAC partly depends on its tunable memory and that it copes well with
even strongly changing traffic characteristics.

Index Terms
admission control, reservation overbooking, quality of service, resource & traffic management