ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 1    Issue : 7    Date : November/December 2006

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Computationally-Efficient DNLMS-Based Adaptive Algorithms for Echo Cancellation Application
Raymond Lee, Esam Abdel-Raheem, and Mohammed A.S. Khalid
Page(s): 1-8
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Dense RFID Reader Deployment in Europe using Synchronization
Kin Seong Leong, Mun Leng Ng, Alfio R. Grasso, and Peter H. Cole
Page(s): 9-16
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CLog: Low Cost Gigabit Full Packet Logging
Chad D. Mano, Jeff Smith, Bill Bordogna, Andrew Matta, Dan Dugovic, and Aaron Striegel
Page(s): 17-23
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A Peer-to-Peer Cooperation Enhancement Scheme and its Performance Analysis
Wei-Cherng Liao, Fragkiskos Papadopoulos, and Konstantinos Psounis
Page(s): 24-35
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Identification and Analysis of Peer-to-Peer Traffic
Marcell Perényi, Trang Dinh Dang, András Gefferth, and Sándor Molnár
Page(s): 36-46
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Distributed Algorithms for Dynamic Bandwidth Provisioning in Communication Networks
Jocelyne Elias, Fabio Martignon, Antonio Capone, and Guy Pujolle
Page(s): 47-56
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Multi-Service: A Service Aware Routing Protocol for the Next Generation Internet
António Varela, Teresa Vazão, and Guilherme Arroz
Page(s): 57-66
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