ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 1    Issue : 5    Date : Auguest 2006

VIP (VHE in Mobile IP Networks) Architecture
Octavio Ramírez Rojas, Jalel Ben Othman, Safouane Sfar and Lynda Mokdad
Page(s): 28-38
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In this study we propose a new architecture named VIP (VHE in mobile IP networks) which
guarantees authorized user access and user mobility management. The main goal is to bring the
VIP architecture closer to the current GSM networks. To achieve this goal our architecture is based
on LDAP and RADIUS services. VIP is able to ensure user’s mobility across different IP domains.
For the transportation of personalized services across different networks VHE (Virtual Home
Environment) is employed. VHE gives a set of recommendations for providing users their home
environment in foreign networks. The VHE services are activated to transport the user’s profile
between the home and the foreign network.

Index Terms
VHE, Roaming, IEEE 802.11, Security