ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 1    Issue : 5    Date : Auguest 2006

324Mbps WLAN Equipment with MAC Frame Aggregation for High MAC-SAP Throughput
Yukimasa Nagai, Akinori Fujimura, Yoshihiko Shirokura, Yoji Isota, Fumio Ishizu, Hiroyuki Nakase,
Suguru Kameda, Hiroshi Oguma and Kazuo Tsubouchi
Page(s): 1-8
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We developed a high speed wireless LAN prototype in the 5GHz band. Maximum transmission rate
of the developed WLAN equipment was 324Mbit/sec using 6 multi-channels of 802.11a. We
proposed a novel frame aggregation scheme to improve MAC efficiency. The proposed frame
aggregation scheme had a feature of an adaptive aggregation size selection depending on the
wireless channel conditions and application requirements. Throughput performance was obtained
from simulation using a multiple station system with the proposed frame aggregation. A throughput
of more than 150Mbit/sec was achieved with an evaluated system of 10 STAs. We also found that
the measured throughput of more than 170Mbit/sec was achieved using the proposed frame

Index Terms
Wireless Networks, IEEE802.11, Frame Aggregation, performance evaluation