ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 1    Issue : 4    Date : July 2006

MAC Layer RFID Protocol for Low Cost Object Identification
Shweta Singh
Page(s): 41-47
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In this paper, we introduce a novel medium access control (MAC) protocol for Radio Frequency
Identification (RFID) systems. This protocol exploits the Markov Chain Model of Slotted Aloha and
there by tries to come up with a more efficient model so as to significantly improve the total read
time performance along with the lesser tag collision. The protocol design has been extended
so as to address the problem of cost reduction in RFID .This is done by combining the of Markov
Chain Slotted Aloha model for MAC Layer along with Two Time Scale SPSA (Simultaneous
Perturbation Stochastic Approximation).The so designed protocol is programmatically simulated
and mathematically the results have been derived to prove its enhanced performance along with
lowered cost involved in object identification.

Index Terms
RFID, SPSA, Cost, MAC layer, Slotted Aloha