ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 1    Issue : 4    Date : July 2006

Wireless Networks Revenue Optimization through Overload Control with Priority Services
Haitao Lin, Preetam Ghosh and Prabir Das
Page(s): 22-30
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Wireless networks are currently experiencing more overload situations than their wireline
counterparts because of explosive mobile traffic growth, unpredictable traffic behavior, service
differentiated traffic shedding, etc. Even though extensive research work on network overload
control in general is going on, the economic aspect of the overload problem has received very little
attention. Managing the incoming traffic in a way that generates the maximum possible revenue
under overload warrants special attention. In this paper, we study a realistic wireless switch
overload model where message exchange and message discarding at multiple nodes are
considered. We propose a distributed overload control framework considering different service
types to obtain the optimal revenue while maintaining the switch’s capability to handle call attempts
during overload situation. This is achieved by exchanging overload information among the nodes
that can have a global view of the switch-wide overload situation and its impact on revenue, and
hence can adjust their own traffic shedding to improve the revenue generation. Next, we extend the
proposed framework to incorporate different call priorities and discuss the conditions for reaching
the optimal revenue that ensures preferential treatment to the high priority service types.

Index Terms
Distributed control framework, nonlinear optimization, revenue maximization, Priority Services.