ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 1    Issue : 2    Date : May 2006

CAC and Packet Scheduling Using Token Bucket for IEEE 802.16 Networks
Tzu-Chieh Tsai, Chi-Hong Jiang and Chuang-Yin Wang
Page(s): 30-37
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The IEEE 802.16 standard was designed for Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN). The
coverage of this new technology is expanded up to 50 km. IEEE 802.16 also has inherent QoS
mechanism while the transmission rate can be up to 70Mbps. However, the main part of 802.16 –
packet scheduling, was not defined and left as an open issue. In this paper, we present an uplink
packet scheduling with call admission control (CAC) mechanism that is token bucket based. Also, a
mathematical model of characterizing traffic flows is proposed. Simulations are carried out to
validate our CAC algorithms and models. These results show that the delay requirements of rtPS
flows are promised and the delay and loss can be predicted precisely by using our mathematical

Index Terms
IEEE 802.16, WiMAX, Token Bucket, Markov chain.