ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 1    Issue : 2    Date : May 2006

T-ANT: A Nature-Inspired Data Gathering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Selvakennedy, Sukunesan Sinnappan and Yi Shang
Page(s): 22-29
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There are many difficult challenges ahead in the design of an energy-efficient communication stack
for wireless sensor networks. Due to the severe sensor node constraints, protocols have to be
simple yet scalable. To this end, collective social insects’ behavior could be adopted to guide the
design of these protocols. We exploit the simple heuristics of ant colony in foraging and brood
sorting to design a hierarchical and scalable data gathering protocol. Also, we demonstrate how it
could exploit data correlations in sensor readings to minimize communications cost in the data
gathering process towards the sink. This approach selects only a subset of sensor nodes to
reconstruct data for the entire network. A distributed variance estimation algorithm is introduced to
capture data correlations with negligible state maintenance. It is shown that this algorithm is able to
predict the values rather accurately. Due to the general robustness of any nature-inspired algorithm,
our data gathering protocol is reliable. It is fully distributed, and promises scalability and substantial
energy savings.

Index Terms
Data Gathering, Data Correlation, Clustering, Swarm Intelligence, Simulation, Sensor Networks