ISSN : 1796-2021
Volume : 1    Issue : 1    Date : April 2006

Ultimate Dynamic Spectrum Allocation via User-Central Wireless Systems
Seyed A. Zekavat and Xiukui Li
Page(s): 60-67
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Current wireless systems are called vendor-central systems because, users should subscribe to a
service provider (vendor) and receive the service through the spectrum assigned to that vendor at all
times. Vendorcentral systems suffer from low utility performance defined in terms of spectrum
efficiency, blocking rate, and revenue. Variety dynamic channel allocation schemes have been
proposed to address the weak utility performance of vendor-central systems.
In this work, a futuristic user-central wireless system architecture that leads to an ultimate freedom
in channel allocation will be introduced. This architecture is implemented based on the capabilities
of cognitive radios. In user-central systems, a user has the freedom of receiving the service through
an optimum vendor at any time instance and geographical location. The optimum vendor is
selected by an intelligent mobile based on parameters such as the vendor signal power, channel
availability, congestion rate, cost-per-second, and quality-of-service. We propose that vendors form
a vendor area network (VAN) controlled by an inter-vendor mobile registration center (MRC). This
paper discusses the system’s structure, call procedure, and utility performance benefits attained by
this system.

Index Terms
dynamic spectrum allocation, user-central, spectrum scarcity, optimum vendor, call procedure, utility