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International Journal of

Recent Trends in Engineering

Sloshing of Liquid in Partially Filled Container An Experimental Study

P. Pal


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Bi-directional Effects on the Response of an Isolated Bridge

G.Ghosh, Y.Singh


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Optimal Operation Scheduling of Irrigation Canals Using Genetic Algorithm

Y.P. Mathur, Gunwant Sharma, A.W.Pawde


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Response of Raft Foundation on Varying Stratum

Kumar Venkatesh, N.K. Samadhiya, and A.D. Pandey


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Pencel Pressuremeter Test Evaluation for Developing P-Y Curves for Driven Piles

Farid Messaoud, Mohamed Salah Nouaouria, and Paul J. Cosentino


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Experimental and Analytical Model of Ferrocement Slabs

Boshra Aboul-Anen, Ahmed El-Shafey, and Mostafa El-Shami


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Numerical and Analytical Solutions for Ovaling Deformation in Circular Tunnels Under Seismic Loading

Ahmad Fahimifar, Arash Vakilzadeh


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Acid Resistance of Fly ash based Geopolymer mortars

SureshThokchom, Partha Ghosh and Somnath Ghosh


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Incorporating European Standards for Testing Self Compacting Concrete in Indian Conditions

Hemant Sood, R.K.Khitoliya and S. S. Pathak


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Determination of maximum span between pipe supports using maximum bending stress theory

D.P. Vakharia, Mohd. Farooq A


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Experimental Educational Stand used for the Understanding of the Discharging Profile of Agro-Food Bulk Solids extracted by Geometric Variable Design Screw Feeders

Daniel C. Ola, Christian Fuerll and Liviu Gaceu


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Treatment of Wastewater from Kitchen in an Institution Hostel Mess using Constructed Wetland

G. Baskar, V.T. Deeptha, Abdul A Rahman


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Local Scour Around Hydraulic Structures

Padmini Khwairakpam, Asis Mazumdar


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Evaluation of Traffic Characteristics: A Case Study

Arash Moradkhani Roshandeh, Mahmood Mahmoodi Nesheli, and Othman Che Puan


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A Numerical Method for Modelling Discontinuous Mechanics of Asphalt Mixture

Zhou Changhong, Zhao Yanqing, and Wang Zheren


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Urban Poverty Alleviation: Experiences of Community Development Initiatives in Karnataka

B. Shankar and Chidambaraswamy


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Animal Life Expectancy on Energy Intake

A.A. Bhosale, K Sundaram


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Application of Optimization Techniques for yield line pattern Determination in Slabs

Solmaz Pourrezay Khaligh


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Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams Under Bending, Shear And Torsion Without Web Reinforcement

Pant Avinash S., Parekar Suresh R.


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FRP: Research, Education and Application in India and China in Civil Engineering

Ravikant Shrivastava, Uttamasha Gupta, U B Choubey


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International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering (IJRTE)

ISSN 1797-9617

Volume 1, Number 6, May 2009

Issue on Civil Engineering


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