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Recent Trends in Engineering

Modeling Curvature Damage Surface For Damage Detection In Cantilever Beam

           A.A Lonkar and R.K.Srivastava


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Development of Contact Model of a Robot Soft Finger for Power Grasping and Determination of Its Contact width

           Elango.N and Marappan.R


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Integration and Performance Analysis of Flywheel Energy Storage System in an ELPH Vehicle

           Abhinav Pandey, Abhishek Jain, Vipul Arora & Satish C. Sharma


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Numerical Simulation of Gaseous Microflows by Lattice Boltzmann Method

           D. Arumuga Perumal, Vamsi Krishna, G. Sarvesh and Anoop K. Dass


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Optimization of Mechanical Design Problems Using Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm

           Millie Pant, Radha Thangaraj and V. P. Singh


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Theoretical Study of a Perfectly Volatile Particle Triple Flame

           M.Bidabadi, Gh.Barari, M.Azimi, M.Mafi


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The Influence of Morphology and Volume Fraction of Martensite on AE Signals during Tensile Loading of Dual-Phase Steels

           R. Khamedi, A. Fallahi, and H. Zoghi


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Improvement In The Operating Characteristics Of Internal Combustion Engine Using Variation In Compression Ratio

           Yadav Milind S, Wankhade P.A


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Comparison Of Theoretical And Computational Ferroconvection Induced By Magnetic Field Dependent Viscosity In An Anisotropic Porous Medium

           A. Suresh Govindan,   B. Vasanthakumari


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Finite Element Simulation and Experiment of Chip Formation Process during High Speed Machining of AISI 1045 Hardened Steel

           C.Z.Duan, T.Dou, Y.J.Cai, Y.Y.Li


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Study and Development of an Energy Saving Mechanical System

           Zheng (Jeremy) Li


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Experimental Investigation of Cryogenic Cooling by Liquid Nitrogen in the Orthogonal Machining Process

           M.Dhananchezian, M. Pradeep kumar, A. Rajadurai


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Adhesive Tensile And Moisture Absorption Characteristics Of Natural Fibres Reinforced Urea Formaldehyde Composites

           K.N. Bharath, R.P. Swamy


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An Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm for Real Parameter Optimization Problems

           Musrrat Ali, Millie Pant, and V. P. Singh


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Modeling and Analysis of Thrust Force and Torque in Drilling GFRP Composites by Multi-Facet Drill Using Fuzzy Logic

           R. Vimal Sam Singh, B.Latha, and V.S.Senthilkumar


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Optimization of Lean New Product Development process using Advanced Dual Stage Performance Phase method

           P.S.Senthil Kumar, S.Balasubramanian, R.K.Suresh


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Design and Analysis of Compliant Mechanism for Active Vibration Isolation Using FEA Technique

           V.Vijayan, T.Karthikeyan


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FEM Simulation of Reshaping of Thick Tubes in different passes

           A.Tajyar and K. Abrinia


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Applicability of acoustic emission in the analysis of friction stir Welded joints

           Suresha C N, Rajaprakash B M, and Sarala Upadhya


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Analyzing the Wheeled Mobile Manipulators with Considering the Kinematics and Dynamics of the Wheels

           A. Nikoobin and H. N. Rahimi


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Solid-State Diffusion Bonding of Commercially pure Titanium and Precipitation Hardening Stainless steel

           Debasis Poddar


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A Review on Current Research Trends in Die-Sinking Electrical Discharge Machining of Conductive Ceramics

           Shruti Mehta, Avadhoot Rajurkar, Jignesh Chauhan


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Virtual Laser-micromachining of MEMS Components

           M.R.M. Rejab, T.T. Mon, M.F.F. Rashid, N.S.M. Shalahim and M.F. Ismail


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Superconductor Ceramics and Silicone Composite Dc Engine

           N.R. Kamalakannan, S. Naren Dhass


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Influence of Injection Timing on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Naturally Aspirated Twin Cylinder CIDI Engine Using Bio-diesel Blend as Fuel

           M. Pandian, S.P. Sivapirakasam and M. Udayakumar


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Static Analysis Of Bi-Polar Femur Bone Implant Using Fea

           H.G.Hanumantharaju, H.K.Shivanand


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Study and Development of a New Mechanism in an Endoscopic Surgical Instrument

           Zheng (Jeremy) Li


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Design And Fabrication Of Super-Kart Hd-250

           Hemank Dabhade


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Design of 28 Operations, 4 Axis – 360o Indexing Milling Fixture for CNC

           Nirav P. Maniar, D. P.Vakharia, A. B. Andhare, Chetan M. Patel


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Recent Developments and Advances in Automobile Space Conditioning Technology: A Review

           Chirag Trivedi, Hemant. Nagarsheth


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Studies on Effect of Change in Dynamic Behavior of Crack using FEM

           K.Hari Prasad, M.Senthil Kumar


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Rehabilitation of Artery Revascularization through a Stent Insertion

           Sanjay A. Pujari, V.R.Udupi


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Standardization of Jib Crane Design by “F.E.M. Rules” And Parametric Modeling

           Sandip D. Shinde


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Low Cost Sensors for General Applications

           Manoj Sharma, Arun Grover, and Pankaj Bande


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Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Postweld Heat-Treated Shielded Manual Metallic Arc Welded Rails

           Shantharaja.M, S.Rajanna, H.K.Shivanand, Keshavamurthy YC


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Computer Simulation Study of Exhaust Gas Characters in a Diesel Engine Operating with Blended Fuels

           H. K. Shivanand, Putta BoreGowda, S. Rajanna, and H.G.Hanumantha Raju


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Thermal Comfort Feelings Assessment Based on Digital Signal Processor

           Anuj Kumar, I. P. Singh, and S. K. Sud


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A Study on Reducing the Root Fillet Stress in Spur Gear Using Internal Stress Relieving Feature of Different Shapes

           M. S. Hebbal, V. B. Math, B. G. Sheeparamatti


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Education Reform Model at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang

           M.M.Noor, K.Kadirgama, M.M.Rahman, M.R.M.Rejab, Rosli A.Bakar, Abdullah Ibrahim


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The Effect of the Foundation Subject to the Final Year Subject

           K.Kadirgama, M.M.Noor, M.S.M.Sani, Abdullah Adnan Mohamed, Rosli A.Bakar, Abdullah            Ibrahim


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Synthesis of High Purity Micron Size Boron Carbide Powder from B2O3/C Precursor

           J. A. Bigdeloo, and A. M. Hadian


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International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering (IJRTE)

ISSN 1797-9617

Volume 1, Number 5, May 2009

Issue on Mechanical Engineering


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