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International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering (IJRTE)

ISSN 1797-9617

Volume 1,  Number 5,  May 2009

Issue on Mechanical Engineering

Page(s): 145-149

Standardization of Jib Crane Design by “F.E.M. Rules” And Parametric Modeling

           Sandip D. Shinde

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Standardization of jib crane design procedures enables designers to develop their own jib crane automation modules for entire jib crane design applications. Since main effort and time for implementation of the jib crane design procedures are generally spent for interpretation and explanation of the available jib crane design standards, a computer-automated access by using parametric modeling to the available standards may improve speed, reliability and quality of the design procedures. Starting from the fact that components of jib cranes are generally composed of similar mechanical and electrical sub-components independent of the crane type, a general component tree of jib cranes is developed for automation purpose. Design Modules of cranes are defined from the developed component tree of the cranes based on the available design procedures. Independent Design Procedures are defined as atomic design modules of the jib crane design procedures by considering computational approaches and rules in the "F. E. M. Rules" for each jib crane component. The "F. E. M. rules" is selected for this purpose because of its widespread use and established popularity among the jib crane manufacturers. Access to the "F. E. M. Rules" from any design procedure is fully automated by using a systematic approach of parametric modeling. The parametric model can be used for various jib crane design cases as well as further for optimization.

Index Terms

F.E.M. Rules, Jib Crane Design, Computer Automated Design, Parametric Modeling

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