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International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering (IJRTE)

ISSN 1797-9617

Volume 1,  Number 5,  May 2009

Issue on Mechanical Engineering

Page(s): 132-136

Recent Developments and Advances in Automobile Space Conditioning Technology: A Review

           Chirag Trivedi, Hemant. Nagarsheth

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Energy sector plays an important role in country’s economic development and it is going to be more significant in years to come. Managing this growing energy demand at reasonable cost therefore assumes national priority. A multidimensional approach is required keeping in view the various economic options available with effective demand management. Development towards the advances in automobile space conditioning and climate control are most selective era to drop down the environmental protection cost. Therefore, it is crucial to undertake mathematical modeling may be with the help of software tools such as FLUENT, CAE, and CFD simulation, with integrated design, development and vehicle using refrigeration and space conditioning technology. The discussion identifies and illustrates the parametric study of recent developments and advances with upcoming aspect in mobile space conditioning technology. This article discusses the progression of refrigerant use in automobiles and its alternatives in graphical and tabular form, advanced micro digital control FSPID throttling with Fuzzification and defuzzification technology, evaporation and condensation technology built with super conduction micro tube circuit and cross flow of cooling coil, compression with scroll compressor and its modeling, the scroll compressor’s geometry is one of the main factors affecting the efficiency of the compressor. In order to establish a thermodynamic model for a scroll compressor, the geometry of the scroll has to be known and completely understood, and energetic and exergetic analysis of space conditioning in automobile. Also discussed, the future aspects of energy saving and power optimization by alterations, redesigning, retrofitting and advances. The review can be considered for future analysis and research with upcoming years in the form of new generation of space technology. The highlights of the analysis of the scroll compressor considering geometry, energy analysis, leakage carried out by the author are also presented.

Index Terms

energy, automobile, air conditioning, scroll, compressor, refrigerant

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