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International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering (IJRTE)

ISSN 1797-9617

Volume 1, Number 5, May 2009

Issue on Mechanical Engineering

Page(s): 77-81

Design and Analysis of Compliant Mechanism for Active Vibration Isolation Using FEA Technique

V.Vijayan, T.Karthikeyan

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Complaint mechanisms are the focus of active research because of the stability, robustness and ease of manufacturing endowed by their unitized construction. In this paper, we explore an application of complaint mechanisms for active vibration isolation system, for this, a complaint actuator is used to cancel undesired disturbance, resulting in attenuated output amplitude. The scope of this study is limited only to low frequency isolation because the use of compliant mechanism in an active vibration isolation system has the greatest advantage in the low frequency range. Since many passive systems are effective and sufficient for high frequency isolation. So, the need of active systems for high frequency isolation is less than that of low frequency isolation. This paper also focuses on understanding the effects of the compliant design parameters and attempt to solve problems systematically. The technical tools like FEA and MAT-lab are used to design the compliant mechanism. This design-drawing model can be converted into working model, by comparing this design drawing model and working model can be easily analyzed on parameters such as transmissibility ratio and disturbance frequency.

Index Terms

Actuator, Displacement, Frequency, Isolation, amplitude

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