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International Journal of

Recent Trends in Engineering

A Novel Analysis of Voltage Distribution in Zinc Oxide Arrester using Finite Element method



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Capacitance-Voltage Measurement for Characterization of a Metal-Gate MOS Process

           Viranjay M. Srivastava


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Effect of Wind Speed Changes on Grid Power Quality at Various Levels of Wind Electric Penetration -A Laboratory Investigation

           V.Vanitha and N.Devarajan


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Reduction of Panel Size and Cost in Solar Pumping in Multi-Floored Buildings

           Mrityunjaya Kappali, Uday Kumar R. Y.


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Reducing Intersymbol Interference using Adaline Network with LMS Learning Rule For Improving the Performance of Wireless Communications

           T.S.Jeyali Laseetha, Sivanthi, R.Sukanesh


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Design of 10-bit Digital to Analog Converter Using Cascaded Operational Amplifier Topology

           Maneesh Menon, Robin Paul Prakash, Anu Gupta


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Hand Gestures Recognition Based on SEMG Signal Using Wavelet and Pattern Recognisation

           V. Rajesh, P. Rajesh Kumar


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Power and Delay Analysis of a 2-to-1 Multiplexer Implemented in Multiple Logic Styles for Multiplexer-Based Decoder in Flash ADC

           Ms.G.L.Madhumati, M.Madhavilatha, and Mr.K.Ramakoteswara Rao


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Carbon Nanotubes – A Solution for Tera Hertz’s IC Interconnect

           Nisha Kuruvilla, and J. P. Raina


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Automatic Gridding of DNA Microarray Images using Optimum Subimage

           Deepa J, Tessamma Thomas


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A Simple Method of Tuning PI Controllers for Interval Plant of Cold Rolling Mill

           S.Umamaheswari, V.Palanisamy, M.Chidambaram


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Significance of Nanotechnology in Construction Engineering

           Ashwani K. Rana, Shashi B Rana, Anjna Kumari and Vaishnav Kiran


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Pricing of System Security in Deregulated Environment

           Mala De


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Simplified Method of Designing Daubechies Wavelets in Class Room

           P. Anand Goud, G.Sindhiya Binulal, Soman K.P


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Area Optimization of FIR Filter and its Implementation on FPGA

           Vijender Saini, Balwinder Singh, and Rekha Devi


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PICSENSE – A Wireless Sensor Network Testbed

           M. Ramakrishnan and P. Vanaja Ranjan


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Design Optimization & Comparison of RF Power Sensors based on MEMS

           Aniket Singh, A Amalin Prince, V P Agrawal


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A Survey of RFID Tags

           M Ayoub Khan, Manoj Sharma, Brahmanandha Prabhu R


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Modeling and Simulation of FPGA based direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Drive.

           Amol A. Kalage, Vasant M. Jape, Sarika V. Tade, Manik M. Hapse and Ravindra G. Dabhade


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Closed Loop Controlled PFC Boost Converter Fed DC Drive

           A. V. Mayakkannan, S. Rajapandian, and S. Ramareddy


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FEM Simulation of Novel Thermal Microactuator

           B.G.Sheeparamatti, J.S.Kadadevarmath, and M.S. Hebbal


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Bi-level Histogram Equalization Based Histogram Shaping Technique for Contrast Enhancement in Spectral Domain with Maximum Enhancement by Entropy Measure

           Abhinav.V, Rishabh Gupta, Ravi Tej Akula, M.R.Vimala Devi


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Reduction in Total Harmonic Distortion in a Non-Linear Load with Harmonic Injection Method

           Arindam Dutta,  Tirtharaj Sen, S. Sengupta


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FDTD Based EM Modeling and Analysis for Microwave Imaging of Buried Objects

           Elizabeth Rufus, Zachariah C Alex


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Design and Development of ARM Processor Based Web Server

           V.Billy Rakesh Roy, Sanket Dessai, and S. G.Shiva Prasad Yadav


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Use of PWM Techniques for Power Quality Improvement

           Mahesh A. Patel, Ankit R. Patel, Dhaval R. Vyas and Ketul M. Patel


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Performance analysis of NRZ, RZ, and Chirped RZ transmission formats in Dispersion managed 10 Gbps long-haul WDM light wave systems

           A. Sangeetha, S.K.Sudheer, K.Anusudha


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Involutory, Permuted and Reiterative Key Matrix Generation Methods for Hill Cipher System

           Bibhudendra Acharya, Sarat Kumar Patra, and Ganapati Panda


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International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering (IJRTE)

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Volume 1,  Number 4,  May 2009                           

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