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International Journal of

Recent Trends in Engineering

Improvement of Dynamic Performance of AGC under Open Market Scenario Employing TCPS and A.C-D.C Parallel Tie Line

           C.Srinivasa Rao, S.Siva Nagaraju, and P.Sangameswara Raju


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Direct Model Reference Adaptive Internal Model Controller for DFIG Wind Farms

           N.Amuthan, and S.N.Singh


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Printed UWB Circular and Modified Circular Disc Monopole Antennas

           Ramu Pillalamarri, Jyoti Ranjan Panda and Rakhesh Singh Kshetrimayum


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Energy Audit And Management Of Induction Motor Using Field Test And Genetic Algorithm

           Nagendrappa. H, Prakash Bure


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A Novel Displacement Sensor for Magnetic Levitation

           Mrunal Deshpande, B. L. Mathur


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Robust Performance of Induction Motor Drives

           Geetha Ramadas, T.Thyagarajan, Vedam Subrahmanyam


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Image Shape Approximation & Representing it by Speech Sound Pattern for Visually Impaired Person

           Manjur Alam


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Projection Based Near-end Speech Detectors for Time Domain Adaptive Echo Cancellation

           Senthil Kumar Mani, Bala Manikya Prasad 


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Parametric Study of Printed Rectangular Monopole Antennas

           Jyoti Ranjan Panda, and Rakhesh Singh Kshetrimayum


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Application of Scaling factors for MAP and SOVA for Robust Performance in Forward Error Correction

           T.Gnanasekaran and Dr K.Duraiswamy


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Accelerated Insulation Aging in Thyristor Controlled Single Phase Induction Motors

           T.G.Arora, M.V.Aware, D.R.Tutakn


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A Novel Optimal Control Design for Reducing of Time Delay Effects in Teleoperation Systems

           Soheil Ganjefar, S. Najibi, Gh. Najibi


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Centralized Optimal Control for a Multimachine Power System Stability Improvement Using Wave Variables

           Soheil Ganjefar, A. Judi


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Realizations of voltage-mode biquad filters using a single Unity-Gain Sum Difference Amplifier

           Abhirup Lahiri, Abhinav Misra, Kinshuk Gupta


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OTA-based Non-Inverting and Inverting Precision Full-Wave Rectifier Circuits without diodes

           Nigar Minhaj


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Simplified Velocity MPSO for Directional Over Current Relay Coordination

           D. Vijayakumar and R. K. Nema


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Transient Studies of FACTS and Custom Power Equipment

           Ashwin Kumar Sahoo and T. Thyagarajan


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A Novel Hybrid Approach For Supression of High Density of Impulsive Noise

           Kumar Dhiraj, E. Ashwani Kumar, Soubhagya Sankar Barpanda, Shriram Sharma, and            Manish Shrivastava


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A Redefined Discrete Quasi-Sliding Mode Strategy

           C.Vivekanandan, R. Prabhakar


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Wavelet Based Medical Image Compression Using ROI EZW

           D.Vijendra Babu, N.R.Alamelu


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LV Contour Extraction from Cardiac MR Images Using Random Walks Approach

           Sarada Prasad Dakua and Jyotinder Singh Sahambi


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Security Constrained UCP with Operational and Power Flow Constraints

           S. Prabhakar karthikeyan, K.Palanisamy, I. Jacob Raglend and D. P. Kothari


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Multimode Interference (MMI) coupler based All Optical Switch: Design, Applications & Performance Analysis

           G.Singh, R.P.Yadav, and V.Janyani


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Lossless ECG Compression for Event Recorder Based on Burrows-Wheeler Transformation and Move-To-Front Coder

           Sarada Prasad Dakua and Jyotinder Singh Sahambi


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Reactive Power Planning using Real GA Comparison with Evolutionary Programming

           S.K.Nandha Kumar, and P.Renuga


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Optimized Hybrid Phase Disposition PWM Control Method for Multilevel Inverter

           C.Govindaraju and K.Baskaran


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Structured Genetic Algorithm Technique for Unit Commitment Problem

           Kaveh Abookazemi, Mohd Wazir Mustafa, Hussein Ahmad


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On Comparison of Various Pattern Recognition Techniques for Identifying Escherichia Coli in Clinical Specimens

           Subadra M, Marimuthu N. S.


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A Fast Torque Response Control Scheme for Medium Voltage CSI Fed Induction Motor Drives

           I. Gerald Christopher Raj, P. Renuga


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Computer Simulation Based Study of Photovoltaic Cells/Modules and their Experimental Verification

           R.K. Nema, Savita Nema, and Gayatri Agnihotri


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The PEM Fuel Cell System with DC/DC Boost Converter: Design, Modeling and Simulation

           A. Kirubakaran, Shailendra Jain, and R.K. Nema


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Annotations Using Committee Machines Through Mirror Neurons

           R.Meenakshi, P.AnandhaKumar


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Error Localization of Complex DFT Codes Using Propagator Method

           P.Palanisamy and K.Nidhin


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Breast Cancer Detection using Entropy based Fractal Modeling of Mammograms

           Deepa Sankar, Tessamma Thomas


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A Novel Method for Recognition of Modulation Code of LPI Radar Signals

           L. Anjaneyulu, N.S.Murthy, N.V.S.N.Sarma


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Harmonic Reduction Technique for a Cascade Multilevel Inverter

           Jagdish Kumar, Biswarup Das, and Pramod Agarwal


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Characteristics Study of Modulation Doped GaAs/InxGa1-xAs/AlxGa1-xAs based Pseudomorphic HEMT

           T. R. Lenka and A. K. Panda


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A High Speed Pipelined Dynamic Circuit Implementation Using Modified TSPC Logic Design Style With Improved Performance

           Abhijit Asati and Chandrashekhar


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Hybrid Pso/ Self-Adaptive Evolutionary Programs For Economic Dispatch With Nonsmooth Cost Function

           Nidul Sinha, Bipul Syam Purkayastha, Biswajit Purkayastha


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Wavelength Assignment Problem in Optical WDM Networks

           A. Sangeetha, K.Anusudha, Shobhit Mathur and Manoj Kumar Chaluvadi


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Development of Software for CANlog Device to Determine the Performance of Tractor

           Sumitkumar Ingle, Sanket Dessai, and Rekha Gore


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Design of Quadrature Mirror Filter Bank using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)

           A. Kumar, G. K. Singh, and R. S. Anand


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A Novel Methodology for Designing Linear Phase IIR Filters

           R.Ramanathan, K.P.Soman


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Hybrid Evolutionary Programming Approach to Multi-Area Unit Commitment with Import and Export Constraints

           S.Chitra Selvi, R.P.Kumudini Devi, C.Christober Asir Rajan


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Space Vector Modulation with DC-Link Voltage Balancing Control for Three-Level Inverters

           Kalpesh H. Bhalodi, and Pramod Agarwal


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Sampling, Reconstruction and Sampling Rate Conversion of Band Limited Chirp Signals Using Fractional Fourier Transform Domain

            T.K. Sreeja and Davidson Kamaladhas


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Broadband Communications and Applications from High Altitude Platforms

           A. Mohammed and Z. Yang


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Capacity Evaluation of a High Altitude Platform Diversity System Equipped with Compact MIMO Antennas

           A. Mohammed and T. Hult


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Design of A Hardware Description Language Based Quantum Circuit Simulator

           Amlan Chakrabarti, Susmita Sur-Kolay, Sudhindu Bikash Mandal


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Priority Based Wavelength Routed WDM Networks: A Queueing Theory Approach

           Manoj Kr. Dutta, V.K. Chaubey


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International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering (IJRTE)

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